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Lot 22 - Numismatic Auction 18

Macédoine - Olynthe  ...
Macédoine - Olynthe  ...
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Macédoine - Olynthe
Tétradrachme - (479-470).
Rarissime et magnifiquement centré - Bon métal.
Un des plus beaux exemplaires connus.
Acheté à l’amiable à F. Sternberg en 1988.
17.10g - SNG ANS 463 - SNG Lockett 1377
Superbe - Choice XF

The eagle which is depicted on this coin led to its traditional attribution to Olynthos (on the Chalkidian Peninsula, near the top of the Gulf of Torone), being the symbol of Chalcis which would be the founder of the city. But, as noted by Herbert Cahn in his essay "Olynthos" and Syracuse (in Greek Numismatics and Archeology : Essays in honour of M. Thompson, 1979, pp. 47-52), Olynthos was in fact a colony of Bottiaea and not of Chalcis. Moreover, Chalcis depicted its eagle with an snake in its beak which is not the case on those tetradrachms. So the location of this coin’s issue remains uncertain, though a Thraco-Macedonian style is obvious. This raises the issue of the emission’s date, as the 470s BC is suggested by the burning of Olynthos by the Persians in 479 BC, followed by the Chalkidians’s taking-over of the city. Also obvious, and of great importance, is that this coin’s obverse inspired the engravers who created the tetradrachms of Syracuse with a quadriga, which suggests that they were exported as bullion to Sicily.


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