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Lot 34 - Numismatic Auction 17

Marc Antoine (43-33) et P.  ...
Marc Antoine (43-33) et P.  ...
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Marc Antoine (43-33) et P. Sepullius Macer
Denier - Rome (44 av. J. C.)
Très rare et magnifique exemplaire.
Légère porosité du métal - Un des plus beaux exemplaires connus.
Exemplaire de la vente ROMA XXI du 31 octobre 2015, N°648
3.67g - Crawford 480/22
Superbe - AU

On the reverse of this exceptional denarius, the rider (a desultor) shows his skill at managing two horses simultaneously, leaping from one to the other. But the coin is especially interesting for its striking portrait, a veiled homage to Julius Caesar, which is the first monetary portrait of Marc Antony. This coin was struck only a few weeks after the assassination of Caesar, and it likely shows the attire of Antony when he gave his famous funeral oration – later dramatized by Shakespeare. The beard was a symbol of mourning, and all the coins of Antony and of Octavian showed them unshaven until after the battle of Philippi, two and a half years later.


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