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Lot 28 - Numismatic Auction 17

C.  Calpurnius Piso L. f.  Frugi ...
C.  Calpurnius Piso L. f.  Frugi ...
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C. Calpurnius Piso L. f. Frugi
Denier - Rome (c. 67 av. J.-C)
D’un style remarquable et d’une qualité hors norme.
Portrait d’un relief exceptionnel.
Exemplaire de la collection R. B. Witschonke acheté chez Leu en 1985 et de la vente NAC 63 du 17 mai 2012, N°236
3.96g - Cr. 408/1b - R. Russo, The RBW collection of Roman Republican Coins, Zurich 2013, pp. 302-303, no. 1460 (cet exemplaire)
FDC Exceptionnel - CHOICE MS *

For this emission, M. Crawford remained quite unprecise, with only two numbers that comprise all the varieties in their globality.
So the reference article is undoubtedly the article by C. A. Hersch, “A study of the coinage of the moneyer C. Calpurnius Piso L. F. Frugi”, Numismatic Chronicle VII.16 (1976), pp. 7-63 and pls I-XI (type 374). The perfect preservation of this example is simply unexpected, and we cannot remember a specimen in better condition.


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