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Hostilien (250-251) Aureus - Rome ...
Hostilien (250-251) Aureus - Rome ...
70.000,00 CHF
60.000,00 CHF

Hostilien (250-251)
Aureus - Rome (251)
D’une qualité hors norme et d’un style remarquable.
Le plus bel aureus d’Hostilien connu.
Exemplaire de la vente NAC 25 du 25 juin 2003, N°554 et de la vente NAC 52 du 7 octobre 2009, N°551
3.95g - Cal. 3316
FDC Exceptionnel - GEM MS
When Trajan Decius and his eldest son, Herennius Etruscus (born c. AD 227), left Rome for the expedition on the Danube against the Goths that would cost them their lives, his youngest son Hostilian (born c. AD 230) remained in Rome with his mother Herennia Etruscilla. After the raising of his brother to the rank of Augustus, in the spring of AD 251, Hostilian was hailed Caesar and this coin was struck then – depicting him as “Leader of the Youth”, a title that presented him as heir to the throne. Indeed, when Decius was killed, Hostilian became Augustus – sharing the title with Trebonianus Gallus, but he died of the plague after a few months.


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