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Lotto 103 - Asta Numismatica 17

Victorin (269-271) Aureus - ...
Victorin (269-271) Aureus - ...
100.000,00 CHF
Base d'asta:
90.000,00 CHF

Victorin (269-271)
Aureus - Cologne (269-270)
D’une insigne rareté et d’une qualité hors norme.
Le plus bel aureus de Victorin connu.
5.66g - Cal. 3849
FDC Exceptionnel - GEM MS
This reverse type of Victorinus, more complex and attractive than those usually found with the legend SAECVLI FELICITAS – the felicity of the age, is copied from a denarius of Julia Domna on which Isis – a foot on prow – is holding (suckling?) Horus, whilst a rudder rests against an altar. Including the legend variety SAECVLIFE LICITAS instead of SAECVLI FELICITAS as here, Schulte and Sondermann could only list four examples of this very rare coin: in the Paris, British and Toulouse museums, and in the Gotha collection (Hess 240 lot 255). One of the Thirty Tyrants, M. Piavonius Victorinus was not a pleasant person if one is to believe the Historia Augusta (“When Lollianus was eventually killed, Victorinus found himself the only figure in power, but this was not to last.
He wasted his time chasing and molesting the wives of both soldiers and officers until one day, in the vicinity of Agrippina Colonia he was assassinated as the result of a plot organised by a clerk whose wife he had raped”), but his portraits are superb, and this specimen is one of the most desirable ones from the few that have come onto the market in recent times.


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