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Lot 69 - Numismatic Auction 18

Crispine (177-183)  Aureus - Rome ...
Crispine (177-183)  Aureus - Rome ...
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50.000,00 CHF

Crispine (177-183)
Aureus - Rome (180-183).
D’une grande rareté et d’une qualité hors norme.
Exemplaire de la vente NAC 25 du 25 juin 2003, N°496 et de la vente NAC 102 du 24 octobre 2017, N°526 et de la vente CNG 108 du 16 mai 2018, N°646.
7.26g - Cal. 2377
FDC Exceptionnel - NGC GEM MS (5/5 et 5/5)

The ‘Happy Venus’ who is depicted on this coin was not only the mythical mother of Aeneas, and therefore the ancestor of all Roman people and especially Julius Caesar, but she was also the goddess of love, sexuality, fertility and prosperity. This is noteworthy on the reverse of a coin in the name of the Bruttia Crispina (AD 164-191), who bore no children to her husband the emperor Commodus (AD 161-192). They married in AD 178, which is the terminus post quem to date this coin. And a likely terminus ante quem of AD 182 is suggested by her banishment to the island of Capri – officially because she had been unfaithful, but more likely because she and Lucilla had plotted to get her husband assassinated; he divorced her in AD183. This aureus shows a beautiful young woman, but other dies do not: might these unattractive ones have been struck after their separation, in an act of revenge?


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