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Egypte - Ptolémée Ier (323-285) ...
Egypte - Ptolémée Ier (323-285) ...
90.000,00 CHF
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80.000,00 CHF

Egypte - Ptolémée Ier (323-285)
Statère d’or - Cyrène ?
Monnaie exceptionnellement bien frappée et centrée - D’un style et d’une qualité remarquables.
Probablement le plus bel exemplaire connu.
Exemplaire de la vente NFA V des 23 et 24 février 1978, N°229 et de la vente Giessener Münzhandlung 60
du 5 octobre 1992, N°303 et de la vente Gemini II du 11 janvier 2006, N°171.
Exemplaire illustrant le Svoronos.
7.11g - Zervos Type VI, Issue 119 - Naville pl. VII, 243 (mêmes coins) - Svoronos (Athens 1904) 102, pl. IV-4 (cet exemplaire).
FDC - CHOICE AU* fine style

The first gold coins of Ptolemy I were struck in Memphis, but the mint was moved to Alexandria in 314 BC. Minting continued for some years, always with the traditional type of Athena’s head and Nike standing, before stopping for about six years (c. 311/310-305/304 BC). Minting resumed with a reduced weight of 7.12 grams, the Ptolemaic/Phoenician standard, and with a new design that showed – for the first time – the king’s portrait. The title ‘king’ (Basileos) had only recently been assumed by Ptolemy, in the summer or autumn of 306 BC. In addition to the royal diadem, Ptolemy is depicted wearing the aegis, which links him to Zeus, whilst the reverse presents him as the successor of Alexander the Great. It was in this regard that, in 322/321 BC, he had taken possession of Alexander’s body and had placed it in a grand tomb in Alexandria.


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