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Lot 24 - Numismatic Auction 18

Royaume de Macédoine Alexandre ...
Royaume de Macédoine Alexandre ...
120.000,00 CHF
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80.000,00 CHF

Royaume de Macédoine
Alexandre III le Grand (336-323)
Distatère d’or (330-320) Amphipolis.
D’une qualité hors norme et d’un style remarquable - Monnaie parfaite.
Le plus bel exemplaire connu.
Exemplaire de la collection Michel Eddé, publié dans le livre de Nina Jidejian, Lebanon and the Greek World, 333 to 64 B.C. Portraits of Alexander the Great, the Ptolemies, the Seleucid and Armenian Kings illustrated by coins in the Michel Eddé Collection, Araya s.d., p. 25.
17.23g - Price 163b
FDC Exceptionnel - GEM MS fine style

Alexander the Great had access to extreme wealth, thanks to his conquest of the Achaemenid empire: whilst Philip II of Macedon had left 500 silver talents of debts at his death in 336 BC, Alexander seized some 50 000 talents of silver and 40 000 talents of gold at Suza (and fortunes as well at Babylon and Persepolis). This explains how he could strike such goins – distaters being the heaviest Greek gold coin ever struck to that date. His distaters, valued at forty silver drachms (i.e. 1/120th of a talent), have been studied by Hyla Troxell, who noticed three distinct groups in her book Studies in the Macedonian coinage of Alexander the Great, New York 1997, pp. 112 sqq., the first two struck simultaneously at two different mints whilst the smaller third (in which Nike seems to fly) would be later and probably slightly posthumous. The coin would have been equal to about 20 days of a soldier’s pay.


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