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Lot 16 - Numismatic Auction 18

Sicile - Syracuse  Agathocles ...
Sicile - Syracuse  Agathocles ...
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Sicile - Syracuse
Agathocles (317-289)
100 Litrae en électrum.
D’une conservation et d’un style exceptionnels - Magnifique frappe sur flan large.
Le plus bel exemplaire connu, le second avec ces coins.
Exemplaire de la vente Münzen und Medaillen des 19 et 20 juin 1975, N° 94 et de la collection Michel Eddé.
6.52g- G.K. Jenkins, Electrum coinage at Syracus. Essays Robinson, pl. 15.3.
Pratiquement FDC - CHOICE AU*

After a successful invasion in 410 BC, the Carthaginians held the West of Sicily, which explains the frequency of the wars between Syracuse and Carthage in the fourth century – especially once the tyrant Agathokles seized power in Syracuse in 317 BC: he even invaded North Africa in 310 BC, and almost captured Carthage! This certainly explains the choice of using electrum, a metal which in which several Carthaginian denominations were struck and which could have been recognized in Africa (whilst the type would have been familiar to Greek mercenaries). These coins, much rarer than those with Heracles strangling the lion, and without direct reference to the Syracusan leader, refer in their reverse legend to Artemis Soteira i.e. ‘Artemis the Savior’, the huntress who is depicted with her quiver, sister of Apollo who features on the obverse with his attribute, the lyre.


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