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Lot 12 - Numismatic Auction 18

Bruttium - Rhegion  Tétradrachme ...
Bruttium - Rhegion  Tétradrachme ...
12.000,00 CHF
Starting price:
8.000,00 CHF

Bruttium - Rhegion
Tétradrachme - (425-420).
Rarissime dans cette qualité - Excellent centrage - Bon métal.
Un des plus beaux exemplaires connus.
Acheté à l’amiable à F. Sternberg en 1988.
17.27g - Herzfelder 59 (D34/R49) - SNG Lockett 650
Superbe - AU

The distinctive obverse of this coin depicts a striking facing head of lion, which links this coinage to Apollo. Instead, the seated male on the reverse is not yet identified with certainty, though – considering that he died of snakebite – the coin might depict Iokastos, son of Aiolos, king in southern Italy. Indeed, Heraklides of Ponticus – the student of Plato – wrote in the fourth century BC: “Rhegium was founded by Chalcidians who had left Euripas on account of a pestilence; they were aided by Messenians, who settled down first near the grave of Iocastos one of the sons of Eolus, whom they say died from the bite of a snake” (Polit. Fragm. XXV, quoted in Spink’s Numismatic Circular of March 1908, col. 10437). The presence of a small snake on the coin is a weak argument for such identification, but no better one has been proposed to date, and it is noteworthy that Iokastos’ brothers Pheraimon and Agathurnos were both depicted on coins (in Messana and Tyndaris).


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