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Lot 11 - Numismatic Auction 18

Bruttium - Les Brettiens  ...
Bruttium - Les Brettiens  ...
20.000,00 CHF
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15.000,00 CHF

Bruttium - Les Brettiens
Hemidrachme or (c.216-214).
D’une qualité exceptionnelle et magnifiquement centré. Un des plus beaux connus.
Exemplaire de la vente Triton X du 9 janvier 2007, N°49.
2.13g - Arslan dies 5/8 - Scheu G.8 - HN Italy 1953 - SNG ANS 15 corr. - SNG Lloyd 540 - SNG Copenhagen 1613 - Jameson 404 - De Luynes 653.

The Brettii, a disparate group of indigenous Italian people who emerged in the mid-fourth century BC, had soon-after become the predominant power over most of Italy south of the river Laos, including several important mints (see Diod. XVI.15; Strabo VI). When Rome decided to expand towards the south in the 280s BC, the Brettii partnered with the Lucanians, and then sided with Pyrrhus of Epirus – after whose defeat they had to submit to Rome. Anyhow, during the Second Punic War (218-201 BC), inspired by the victories of Hannibal, they allied themselves with Carthage (see Livy XXII.61) so that Bruttium became a Punic base in Italy. Following their subsequent defeat, the Romans established three colonies in Bruttium (at Tempsa, Kroton and Vibo Valentia, see Livy XXXIV.45 and XXXV.40), and the Brettii were denied the status of Roman allies – which prevented them serving in the Roman military (see Appian, Annib. 61).


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