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Lot 10 - Numismatic Auction 18

Bruttium - Locres  Statère ...
Bruttium - Locres  Statère ...
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Bruttium - Locres
Statère (317-310).
Exemplaire d’une qualité remarquable magnifiquement centré - Bon métal et très jolie patine médaillier.
Exemplaire de la vente Auctiones AG 17 du 7 juin 1988, N°23 et de la vente Tkalec du 17 mai 2010, N°2 et de la vente Hess-Divo 329 du 17 novembre 2015, N°15.
8.73g - SNG ANS 513 - Calciati P. II, 576, 11/2

The town of Epizephyrian Locris, now Locri – province of Reggio Calabria, was founded circa 680 BC as a colony by emigrants who were supposedly from mainland Greece (the coast opposite Euboea). The two main sanctuaries there were those of Persephone and Aphrodite. At first an ally of Sparta, it then joined Syracuse, and later took the side of Rome during the Pyrrhic Wars of 280-275 BC. The close links with Syracuse in the fourth century were not just political, but also commercial, which probably explains why the Locrians copied the Corinthian coins, as Corinth had greatly helped Sicily during the war against Carthage.


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