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Lot 9 - Numismatic Auction 18

Lucanie - Métaponte  1/3 de ...
Lucanie - Métaponte  1/3 de ...
50.000,00 CHF
Starting price:
30.000,00 CHF

Lucanie - Métaponte
1/3 de statère or (c.290-280),
Monnaie parfaite - Le plus bel exemplaire connu.
2.82g - BMC 1 - Johnston G5 - SNG ANS 397 - SNG Lockett 404 - HN Italy 1630
FDC Exceptionnel - GEM MS*

The attractive bust is named Leúkippos. This name is traditionally that of a pre-Socratic philosopher of the 5th century BC, though his existence was denied by Epicurus, but it would also be the name of an Achaean military leader, sent to colonize the unoccupied land where Metapontum was to be (its ruins now lie in the commune of Bernalda – Province of Matera), in order to prevent its conquest by the Tarentines, supposedly c.700-690 BC. The soldier’s superb helmet is decorated with the monster Skylla hurling a stone, a symbol very appropriate for a wartime emission: indeed, like the contemporary issues of Tarentum, this coin is based on Attic standards and its emission is linked to the payments required to fight Rome during the Pyrrhic War.


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