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Lot 7 - Numismatic Auction 18

Lucanie - Métaponte  Nomos ...
Lucanie - Métaponte  Nomos ...
9.000,00 CHF
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8.000,00 CHF

Lucanie - Métaponte
Nomos (c.380-350)
Exemplaire d’une qualité exceptionnelle - Bon métal et très jolie patine médaillier.
Exemplaire de la collection Roland Maly, vente LHS 100 du 23 avril 2007, N°109.
7.87g - Historia Numorum Italy 1528 - Noe-Johnston 502 - SNG ANS 378.
FDC Exceptionnel - Choice MS*

The coinage of Metapontum and Tarentum is interesting because several dies bear letters that might be the signature of their engravers. This hypothesis is supported by the fact that all those with “Kri…” (ref. Noe-Johnston 497-502) are undoubtedly the work of a single hand, and by the diminutive size of the inscription which would not be logical for a magistrate’s name. This type is also interesting because both sides evoke the source of the city’s wealth: an ear of barley on the reverse, and Demeter the ‘goddess of cereals’ on the obverse.


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