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Lot 95 - Numismatic Auction 17

Geta (198-211) et Caracalla ? ...
Geta (198-211) et Caracalla ? ...
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Geta (198-211) et Caracalla ?
Aureus - Rome (200-202)
D’une insigne rareté et d’une qualité exceptionnelle.
Exemplaire de la collection J. M. vente Bourgey du 9 décembre 1935, N°123 et de la collection du Perfectionniste (C. Vaudecrane) vente Leu 93 du 10 mai 2005, N°72
7.25g - Cal. 2930
FDC Exceptionnel - CHOICE MS *
As suggested by Andreas Alföldi in 1970, rather than depicting Geta with his elder brother Caracalla (who was Augustus since January AD 198 and would get Geta killed in 211), this aureus is more likely to present two busts of the young Caesar – one as a soldier, and one as Sol Invictus, the invincible sun-god, an eastern deity popular with the army which Caracalla used on his coinage more than any emperor previously. Babelon described the Du Chastel example (ex-Ponton d’Amécourt) as the nicest known, but this superb specimen – the Perfectionist’s – cannot be surpassed.


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