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Lot 94 - Numismatic Auction 17

Geta (198-211) Septime Sévère et ...
Geta (198-211) Septime Sévère et ...
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Geta (198-211) Septime Sévère et Julia Domna
Aureus - Rome (200-202)
D’une insigne rareté et d’une qualité hors norme.
Le plus bel exemplaire connu.
Exemplaire provenant du trésor de Karnak (1901) et de la collection Sir J. Evans vente Rollin & Feuardent des 26 et 27 mai 1909, N°219 et de la collection F. R. Jameson et de la collection L. Biaggi et de la vente Leu 22 du 8 mai 1979, N°308 et de la collection du Perfectionniste (C. Vaudecrane) vente Leu 93 du 10 mai 2005, N°73
Exemplaire illustrant le Calicó.
7.23g - Cal. 2927 (cet exemplaire)
FDC Exceptionnel - CHOICE MS *
Until the Egyptian find of Karnak in 1901, which contained some 1200 aurei dating from Hadrian to Elagabalus, no example was known of this type, and it remains very scarce: the author of the Leu 22 catalogue only knew of two other specimens, the lot 1261 in the Hamburger 76 auction of October 1925 and the lot 1754 in the Naville 15 auction of July 1930. This superb dynastic aureus displays an interesting iconography: the radiate crown worn by Septimius transforms him into the sun-god, whilst Domna is equated to the moon-goddess by resting upon a crescent moon, Sol & Luna – the imperial couple – representing therefore both night and day. More traditionally, Geta is depicted as a teenage Caesar: youthful (he was born in AD 189), but wearing a military cloak over a protective cuirass (as indicated by pteruges at the shoulders). With this coin, the Imperial propaganda showed a family that was both happy and able to reign with strength when confronted with military threats.


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