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Lot 48 - Numismatic Auction 17

Néron (54-68) Denier - Rome (68)  ...
Néron (54-68) Denier - Rome (68)  ...
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Néron (54-68)
Denier - Rome (68)
D’un style exceptionnel et d’une qualité hors norme.
Probablement le plus beau denier de Néron connu.
Exemplaire illustrant D. Bocciarelli, “Un denier inédit des guerres civiles de 68-69 de n.è. : l’organisation de la révolte de l’armée du Rhin”, Cahiers Numismatiques 191 (mars 2012), pp. 21-37, fig. 2 et D. Bocciarelli, “La légitimation de l’empereur par le consensus exercitum pendant l’année des Quatre Empereurs”, Revue internationale d’histoire militaire ancienne 4 (2016), pp. 95-112, fig. 1.
Exemplaire acheté chez Münzhandlung Basel (1934-1941) et de la vente UBS 78 du 9 septembre 2008, N°1505
3.63g - C. 356 - RIC 68
FDC Exceptionnel - GEM MS
This coin is one of the last issues of Nero (see D. MacDowall, The Western Coinages of Nero, New York 1979, p. 163), and the type with the legionary eagle (aquila) and standards (vexilla), which would also be used by rebels such as Clodius Macer and Vindex,, evokes the forthcoming revolts: these coins are ‘restorative’, using the designs of previously struck coins, denarii of Marc Antony in this case. The choice was significant circa a hundred year after the battle of Actium of 31 BC that had ended Rome’s civil war. Hoards containing worn examples confirm that Antony’s coins were still in circulation, so the type would have been well known – by the Mint employees but also by the average citizen. It proved such a popular type that it continued to be struck occasionally until the early fourth century, and it is used here as a call for fidelity addressed to the army.


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