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Lot 42 - Numismatic Auction 17

Tibère (14-37) Aureus - Lyon ...
Tibère (14-37) Aureus - Lyon ...
9.000,00 CHF
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8.000,00 CHF

Tibère (14-37)
Aureus - Lyon (14-17)
Large tête - Rare.
Magnifique exemplaire.
7.77g - Cal. 305a
Superbe à FDC - NGC CHOICE AU (5/5 5/5)

This type, with Tiberius’s mother Livia personifying Pax with an olive branch and a sceptre, was first used by Augustus in the last year of his reign. The type was frequently used by Tiberius, probably as homage to his step-father. The identification of the empress on the reverse is confirmed by later coins of Galba, where the same design is given the legend AVGVSTA. The silver emission with the seated Livia/Pax is so common, that it can safely be identified as the coin on which Christ sees the head of (the) Caesar: this aureus is the golden variety of the Bible’s so-called ‘Tribute Penny’.


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