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Afrique - Egypte Ptolémée II ...
Afrique - Egypte Ptolémée II ...
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Afrique - Egypte
Ptolémée II (285-286)
Décadrachme au nom d’Arsinoé II - Alexandrie (253-246)
D’une qualité hors norme.
Probablement le plus bel exemplaire connu.
Exemplaire de la vente Naville V du 18 juin 1923, N°2921 et de la collection J. W. Garrett vente NFA/ Leu des 16, 17 et 18 octobre 1984, N°321
35.68g - Svoronos 946 - Troxell, ANSMN 28, Group 3, p. 44 (cet exemplaire cité)
FDC - MS *

A Ptolemaic cult of the divine siblings (Theoi Adelphoi) had been created for Arsinoe I and her husband in 272/271 BC. This very large and superb silver decadrachm, much rarer than the gold octodrachm (a mnaieion worth one hundred silver drachms), honours instead the deified sister-wife of Ptolemy II, Arsinoe II (died in July 270 BC) who was now named Thea Philadelphus. The double cornucopia on the reverse may have been the queen’s personal badge as it evokes Isis-Aphrodite, but it is here depicted as a symbol of the Lagid rulers as the source of renewal, bounty and fertility.


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