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Lot 6 - Numismatic Auction 17

Thrace - Thasos Tétradrachme ...
Thrace - Thasos Tétradrachme ...
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Thrace - Thasos
Tétradrachme (150-140)
D’un style exceptionnel et d’une grande qualité.
Très rare.
Exemplaire de la vente Tkalec 14 du 27 octobre 2011, N°44
17.01g - Prokopov groupe VI, N°88 - Picard, CRAIBL 152/2, fig. 2
Superbe à FDC - CHOICE AU *

At the beginning of the second half of the second century BC, the Roman authorities in Thasos struck numerous tetradrachms, and they chose to depict local patron gods because these issues were used to pay local troops. The head of Dionysos on this example is unusually attractive, in much finer style than the caricature-like later Thasian issues, not to say anything of the strange Balkan imitations.


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