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Sicile - Catane Tétradrachme (c. ...
Sicile - Catane Tétradrachme (c. ...
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Sicile - Catane
Tétradrachme (c. 412-403)
Signé Evainète dans la tablette tenue par la Victoire.
Rarissime et magnifique exemplaire.
Exemplaire de la collection H. M. Robinow acheté chez Münzen & Medaillen le 23 mars 1968 et de la vente Morton & Eden 51 du 24 octobre 2001, N°31
16.90g - AMB 334 (mêmes coins) - Kraay/Hirmer 42 (mêmes coins)
Superbe - AU *
Katane had been long established when this coin was struck, having been founded by colonists from Chalcis in 729 BC. It had been renamed ‘Aitna’ in 476 BC, when Hieron I transferred the inhabitants of Naxos and Katane to Leontinoi; but the exiles returned in 461 BC when the Deinomenid dynasty fell.
The city unsuccessfully tried to free itself from the influence of Syracuse by siding with Athens, and this coin was struck by a city that was not autonomous, which explains why it was struck by a die-engraver working for Syracuse. On the reverse, the head of Apollo distinguishes itself from the severe heads of earlier classical engravers of Katane, and its delicate beauty finds parallels with Arethusa’s head on the contemporary Syracusan coinage. But this coin is most remarkable for its obverse, one of most famous of all the works of Euainetos (who supposedly trained in Athens), among the most beautiful and cele- brated of the Sicilian coins of the late fifth century, with these thundering horses – depicted at the precise dynamic moment when they are turning – which inspired other great Sicilian engravers of the period (contemporary celators include Choirion, Eumenos, Exakestidas and Kimon).


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