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Sicile - Camarina Tétradrachme ...
Sicile - Camarina Tétradrachme ...
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Sicile - Camarina
Tétradrachme (425-405)
Très rare et bel exemplaire - Légère porosité du métal.
Exemplaire de la collection Sir E. H. Bunbury vente Sotheby du 15 juin 1896, N°275 et de la collection J. Ward et de la collection J.P. Morgan offerte en 1905 au Metropolitan Museum of Art et de la vente Sotheby du 3 avril 1973, N°121 et de la vente Myers 9 du 5 décembre 1974, N°33
16.46g - AMB 311 - Westermark & Jenkins 142.43 (cet exemplaire)

Except for the reverse of this coin, there is no evidence for a local devotion to Heracles in Camarina. This port of Southern Sicily, at the mouth of the river Hipparis, founded by Syracuse as a colony in 599 BC, had rebelled and was destroyed in 552 BC. Then, c. 495 BC, Hippocrates of Gela (a city 20 miles to the west) obtained possession of the territory and recolonized it, but after ten years his successor Gelon expelled all the inhabitants and leveled the town again. In 461 BC the Geloans founded the city anew under the rule of the tyrant Psaumis – who had won the four-horse chariot race (tethrippon) in the 82nd Olympiad of 452 BC. This remarkable coin – with a masterful unsigned obverse that has been ascribed to Exakestidas – was struck in the last two decades before the Carthaginian offensive of Himilco in the spring of 405 BC.


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