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Magnia Urbica Aureus - Siscia ...
Magnia Urbica Aureus - Siscia ...
55.000,00 CHF
45.000,00 CHF

Magnia Urbica
Aureus - Siscia (281)
D’une insigne rareté.
D’un style exceptionnel et de très haut relief.
Ancien et léger nettoyage.
Exemplaire de la vente CNG 36 du 6 décembre 1995, N°2478 et de la vente NAC 24 du 5 décembre 2002, N°229 et de la collection P.F. Molina vente Aureo & Calicó « Imagines Imperatorum » du 8 février 2012, N°299
4.81g - Cal. 4407
Magna Urbica was a very significant empress as far as numismatics is concerned, as it is one of the very few examples of a coin which is the only attestation of a historical figure. She is not mentioned by any ancient author, but both a quinarius and a gold medallion display her bust along with that of Carinus, so she is certainly one of his nine wives – as documented by the Historia Augusta. Her name also appears on four inscriptions, but these do not give significant biographical clues, so it remains uncertain why she was raised to the rank of Augusta, and why a coinage was issued in her name: was she the mother of his son Nigrinianus? In any case, the use of the dative case in the legend, rather than the more commonly used nominative, confirms the honorific nature of this emission.


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