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Q.  Pomponius Musa Denier - Rome ...
Q.  Pomponius Musa Denier - Rome ...
4.000,00 CHF
3.000,00 CHF

Q. Pomponius Musa
Denier - Rome (c. 66 av. J.-C.)
Rarissime dans cette qualité.
3.91g - Cr. 410/8
FDC Exceptionnel - NGC CHOICE MS (4/5 4/5)

The commentary on the previous coin, about its date and about the moneyer choosing types that relate to the Muses as a pun on his own name, also applies to this example that represent Urania, daughter of Zeus and Mnemosyne, the eldest of the nine Muses.
She can be identified as the Muse of Astronomy (after whom a planet was named) because she points with a rod (for measuring) towards a globe, and this coin is almost the only one to depict her.


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