Los Nr. 15 - Numismatic Auction 17

Asie Mineure - Carie - Cos ...
Asie Mineure - Carie - Cos ...
9.000,00 CHF
8.000,00 CHF

Asie Mineure - Carie - Cos
Tétradrachme - Magistrat Kleinos (285-258)
Très rare dans cette qualité.
Un des plus beaux exemplaires connus.
15.21g - Requier, RSN 75, 34 - SNG von Aulock 2753

This coin is one of the few Hellenistic tetradrachms of Kos that are not badly struck or corroded, and it presents a head of Herakles of great elegance. Above the god’s bow-case, the reverse shows a crab, the animal being an ally of him in Koan mythology – even though usually the crab is the ally of the Hydra – possibly for the simple reason that the island’s name was derived from the Greek word for crab.


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